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n. v.i. adj.

a dish, a recipe, a dress code, a joke , a logic, a chemical form, a language, a cryptography ...

The collective is founded by Denys ZHDANOV and Fang DONG. We are two multidisciplinary artist-designers in real life, meta cyperchefs in the virtual world.

The collectif2d_ZF is characterized by eco-fast production, radical vision and playful paradoxical irony. We redefine the notion of time, raise awareness of our habit and question the overall trend. We recycle information and fantasies via POP culture, and replay them in the propagandist way, which means neo-propaganda.

Out workflow unites 6 ++ languages, 6 ++ cultures and 6 ++ personalities (French, English, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese…)

︎We are good at #graphicdesign #spacedesign #digitalfashion #webdesign #Illustration #3d #video #scenography #experimental #textiles #interactiveart and #cookbook …

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