heavyherbe / 里藻 リソウ RISOU

Front-end Developer,
Phygital* fashion designer,
Concept researcher,

Based in France.

Fang Dong, meaning "fragrant sense, scented intuition of direction" in Chinese, alludes to square, heavy, and oriented herbs. I am also recognized under the pseudonyms @heavyherbe and artiste FangDONG (

*The term "phygital fashion" is a combination of the words "physical" and "digital," describing a hybrid approach to fashion that blends physical and online fashion experiences.

Concurrently, I joined the artist residence Le Pavillon*. While continuing with my DSRA (Higher Degree in Art Research) in preparation for my PhD project. I also work on several projects spanning contemporary art, web development, textiles, phygital fashion, education..., and my fashion accessory brand,

I explore the unexpected, humor, and paradox. My work, constantly evolving, embodies my passion for rediscovering traditions while venturing into innovative domains. Merging visual art, coding, and fashion, I incorporate textiles, craftsmanship, and images as central pillars of my explorations. I aim to weave connections between various techniques, regardless of the medium, be it digital, mechanical, or otherwise. At the intersection of different disciplines and media, I strive to establish a universal language among them, seizing the opportunity to rediscover the unknown through the familiar.

*Le Pavillon, Artist-in-Residency Research Project. Founded by Ange Leccia in 2001 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, in 2017, the Pavillon/Papillon project was merged with the Fine Arts school of Bordeaux Postmaster (pre-doctorate).

My works, much like my life, revolve around humor, joy, serendipity, self-mockery, and contradiction. Focusing primarily on observing and experiencing the everyday, I search for historical roots based on future assumptions and personal feelings. I rethink the potential value of things, looking for the gaps of imagination that exist in reality, allowing "us" in different environments to establish connections through fantasy.


︎Prix: 2024 Aubusson
Verdu-Maris : « Les images déferlantes - Nouvelles figurations, récits tissés »
︎Musée Mer Marine

︎05/2023 - 01/2024 Bordeaux
Cavernes Cosmogoniques - Après & Avant:
Vie en 2150

︎Musée Mer Marine

︎04 - 07/2022 Arlençon
Sticky Objets
︎Centre d'art contemporain Les Bains-Douches

Artist in Residency
Le Pavillon 


︎12/2021-01/2022 Bordeaux
︎ Espace 29

︎02-09/2020 Paris
MINIMAOUSSE 7 Concours d'architecture
Massage, message

︎La cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine

︎12/2019 Bordeaux
Dévier la trajectoire
︎FRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine La MÉCACommissariat: Ange Leccia et Dominique Pasqualini

︎11/2019 Bordeaux
Devenir Transparent
︎Galerie des tables

︎10/2019 Bordeaux
Exposition individuelle
FACTS - Festival biennal arts créativité technologies sciences
︎Université de Bordeaux, Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie du Périgord, Campus Périgord

︎09/2019 Bordeaux
Manger la roche
︎PIP (Pôle d’international de la préhistoire) et l’agence culturelle départementale Dordogne-Périgord)

︎04/04-07/04/2019 Paris
FOIRE - PAD Paris Galerie MICA
︎Le jardin de Tulerie, stand 21

︎21/03-22/04/2019 Saint- Étienne
La Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne
︎STEFANIA Bâtiment H Sud, ST04 - Hôpital

︎03/2019 Bordeaux
China dreams


︎09/2021-01/2022 London
Digital Fashion show:
Made to Expire:
Disrupting the system
︎Central Saint Martin x Institue of digital fashion


From me to you,
International Contemporary Art Echibition

︎SxV Musée d'art moderne(SxV MOMA), China

Expérimentation stromatholites: 

︎SxV Musée d'art moderne(SxV MOMA), China

Artist in Residency
2o2o New Viuce China-Ukraine Contemporary Young Artistes Residence Program

︎SxV Musée d'art moderne(SxV MOMA), China


︎09-12/2018 Warsaw
STOP CITY in Warsaw

︎L'Académie des beaux-arts de Varsovie


︎01-04/2017 Dakar
Artist in Residency
New ways

︎Musée Théodore Monod d'art africain


︎07-10/2016 Stolac
Artist in Residency
Festival des jardins de Stolac,
jardin de l’Europe