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2017 - 2018
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Printing: EBABX
Director: Camille de Single


This “spectacle,” they create in our daily lives is one of symbiosis: between human being and desired object, tradition and modernity, abstraction and symbolisme.

The title Spectacles is an English word, which is first defined as glasses, an object that serves to correct the defects of sight and to protect the eyes. “Spectacle” also refers to what is given to see, and that can be translated into French by the word show. This second definition is also found in the Latin etymology of the French word “spectacle,” the radical spect-, designating “what is offered to the eyes, is likely to awaken feelings, reactions.”

Objects also provoke emotions and reactions. I am interested in the relationship between objects and humans. The way the objects adjust, transform, and adapt to human needs. And conversely, the way that people get used to, are changed by, and harmonize with the objects themselves.

This dissertation is an opportunity to reflect on the questions of the wats of seeing (glasses) and human needs (desire). In which ways and with what objectives can we create variant shapes of glasses? In which situation do we wear them? And why? How does the shape of glasses develop? And what are the reasons? Is there a link between the development of glasses and the evolution of human needs and human behaviors?

The reason I chose glasses as a research subject is that “They are the only accessory capable of maximizing man’s physiological capabilities.” i.e., glasses play different roles in everyday life, both in terms of vision correction and the image conferred on the one who wears them. They are a reflection of the emotion of human needs from utilitarian function to aspiration  for recognition and acquisition of objects of desire. 

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