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Institution: Annecy Paysages Festival, BONLIEU Scène Nationale Annecy
Team: Collectif 2d_ZF(Denys ZHDANOV, Fang DONG)
Role: Creative Director, Visual Designer, Illustrator

Grotto Fluidus - Fragilities  

Festival d’installations artistiques & paysagères dans l’espace public

Proposition A: Grotto Fluidus 

In emotology, a grotte fluidus is an artificial cavity open to the outside or inside, consisting of recycled materials, at least one accessible opening, and several extended passages. This allows for a metaphysical adventure through time—recycled material (memory); reflection on the present—testimony of nature and heritage, and a new perception of our daily lives—an element of surprise.

The GROTTE FLUIDUS consists of two parts: the façade of nostalgia and the passage of time, inspired by experiences during the isolation period and reflections on the relationship between inside and outside spaces. Influenced by Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and Patricio Guzmán's film "The Cordillera of Dreams," the project explores how heritage and nature record our lives and open windows to the past. It questions how we define time and the transformation of space perception due to life's rhythm. The structure, 20x17 meters, includes recycled elements and colorful scaffolding nets, symbolizing our confinement experiences and the changing cityscape. This project encourages self-care and emotional autonomy by reconnecting with past objects and new perceptions.

Proposition B: Fragilities

Fragile signifies instability and transformation, as well as sentimentality, intimacy, and delicacy. Our goal is to redefine fragility through memory, heritage, and landscape. We protect fragile memories by preserving significant life moments to revisit or pass on to others. Heritage is seen as a collection of intimate or collective memories important to preserve and transmit.

Inspired by Simon Schama’s view, landscape encompasses both physical scenery and the landscapes of memory. This involves questioning who builds, transmits, and receives memory.

During lockdown, memories became vital as we explored past objects and virtual travel through social media, reshaping vernacular heritage and collective memory. We envision a tent of memories, reflecting unknown travelers' experiences and cultural promotions, decorated with traditional elements from virtual travels. This tent symbolizes the protection of fragile memories and serves as a medium to share these “fragilities” with the world.

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Proposition A: Grotto Fluidus

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︎Maquette of Installation

"In the grotte fluidus, one embarks on a journey to the heart of oneself, which is neither confinement nor isolation and flows or runs easily. The passages unite our past, present, and future on the same timeline. We recall our history by traversing used objects filled with our past traces. Facing nature, we question the entirety of what constitutes an entity; we imagine the future by adopting new perceptions around us..." — 2d_ZF

Proposition B: Fragilities



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