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Storybag 2017 - 2050 

“Many Bag”, “Single Bag”, “LongLong Bage”, “Storybag 2050”

Wear the story, Be a story

Everything begins with a piece of cloth. Since I was young, I watched my mother perform various "magic" tricks with cloth: wrapping clothes for storage, wrapping food, wrapping gifts to give to others... Many of my childhood clothes were made from pieces of cloth left over from gifts and those my mother collected.
Why do we use the word "wrap" (包) to express the feeling and state of being enveloped?

The verb "Bāo" (包 in Chinese) symbolizes the idea of enveloping, inspired by the Chinese character representing a maternal body surrounding a fetus.

From my curiosity about the possibilities of a piece of cloth, the Storybag creation was born in 2017. As a third culture child, I have always felt a sense of detachment, wandering between various lifestyles and cultures. This cultural stimulation has made me keenly observe the details of daily life and the changes in my personal habits to adapt. At that time, my favorite daily activity after class was grocery shopping. Being surrounded by an array of goods and foods gave me a sense of happiness and familiarity.

Watching parents secure (wrap) their young children on themselves; observing how customers wrap food to weigh it, then put it in their carts; seeing seafood workers gut fish and then wrap them up; witnessing how butchers pack meat into casings and then tie them into sausages for customers; noticing how shoppers categorize and bag their purchases—these wrapping behaviors fascinated me. The supermarket/market space offered countless interpretations of the act of "wrapping."

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My observations of wrapping extended from the act itself to more abstract feelings and thoughts. Ultimately, what are we "wrapped" by? And what exactly is being wrapped?

Is it our daily life?

I realized that what truly understands me are my pockets, my wallet, and the bag I carry every day. They record and preserve the traces of my daily life without bias.

Many Bags

Many bags: As the term suggests, I have many bags. Even on daily outings, I carry multiple "bags": a wallet, a cloth shopping bag, a shoulder bag, many storage bags.


︎Experiment - Prototype

︎Final Prototype

Single Bag

Single bag: Like a sausage casing, representing someone stubborn but persistent; the making process is inspired by sausage stuffing at butcher shops.


︎Experiment - Prototype

Final Prototype

LongLong Bag

Longlong bag: Using length to hide contents, with unexpected length for protection. At that time, I often faced dangers (theft and robbery) and frequently traveled by plane, needing all my items to serve multiple purposes. Security checks required taking everything out, so the long bag initially aimed to protect and facilitate easy access. The goal was to create a soft, versatile bag with many possibilities that, at first glance, might not even be recognized as a bag. It is a bag that can protect you (like a chameleon’s self-defense).

︎Ideation - Experiment - Prototype

︎Final Prototype

Storybag 2050

︎Inspiration & Reference

After 35 years of practice and planning, "Underground Qingdao" was successfully completed in 2050. The underground spaces include comprehensive transportation systems, municipal systems, public services, and air defense systems. The "network to network" structure is fundamentally stable. The ecological environment of the underground space and humans forms a symbiotic life.

︎Fictional Newspaper 2050 of Qing Dao

By 2050, with the improvement of the photobioreactor system, the cost of biorefinery decreased, and renewable energy sources like algae biomass have practically replaced non-renewable energy sources. The use of microalgae has become widespread. For example, "breathing algae buildings," "algae harvesters," "living algae fabric (biodegradable)," "algae-fed chicken (non-animal feed)," "natural algae dyes," "anti-aging algae cosmetics," "algae bioplastic," and "algae treatments for stress, exhaustion, and dementia." Algae are now intertwined with our daily lives.

As a resource, main energy source, and production platform, how can we use the adaptability, resilience, variety, and rapid reproduction of algae for textiles? How can we cultivate microalgae on textiles? How can we live in symbiosis with algae?
"Wear the story, be a story" is a popular internet phrase and also the slogan of Storybag.

︎Storyboard - Video

Storyboard: Shuang SONG
Video: PSR


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