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︎Education 4.0 | Recycling Project 

Institution: Collège Aliénor d’Aquitaine
Role: Tutor, Applied Art Teacher

Pack, Unpack  

Collège Aliénor d’Aquitaine (Junior high school)

When I was little, I was fascinated watching my mother use a piece of fabric to wrap various objects. Wrapping became for me a symbolic gesture.

The concept of ‘Pack, Repack’ involves learning and experi- menting with different cultures and techniques of fanzines, patterns, colors, and wrapping, thereby enriching our percep- tion of the material world and
opening new dimensions of communication.

Work with 5th and 6th yrs student of Collège Aliénor d’Aquitain, 2h/class, 10h-18/week


  • Design and deployment of artistic educational programs
  • Skill transmission
  • Encouragement of creativity and critical thinking
  • Integration of new technologies and social media
  • Development and presentation of artistic projects

#Textilefanzine #TextileWrappingTechnique
#Handmade #PatternTechnique
#ColorExperiment #MaterialExperiment


︎Technique & Culture Presentation 

(Some) Furoshiki technique, Origami technique, Chinese character history, Pattern technique... 

︎Atelier Emballer, Remballer (Pack, unpack) 

Recycling, material experiment, technique experiment...


︎Atelier Volume : Under the blue

Recycling, material experiment, technique experiment...


Installation, work showcase...

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