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︎Education 4.0 | Phygital Fashion | Recycling Project 

Institution: EBABX, École supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux
Role: Tutor

Vie en 2150 Workshop  

Recycling of materials, bio-plastic recipes, website, digital library, digital patterns, Instagram filter...

The ‘Life in 2150’ workshop, led by artists Camille Benbournane and Fang Dong, will take place from January 10 to May 13, 2023, and is open to design and art students. Focused on recycling and the revaluation of waste, the workshop will take participants to the beaches to observe the surroundings, collect materials, and create clothing, costumes, objects, or sculptures.

The science fiction narrative conceived by the artists will serve as a foundation for tackling serious issues such as pollution, global warming, and rising sea levels. The workshop is inspired by committed authors, designers, artists, and stylists. The objective is to deepen reflection on the use of materials in art and design by exploring the fields of biomaterials and biomimicry, both physical and digital.


Designed phygital fashion programs and workshops, supervised projects, and collaborated across disciplines. Guided the creation of futuristic gear from marine debris, digitalization into fashion accessories. Organized phygital exhibitions, social media runway shows for 2150 outfits.

  • Artistic program design
  • Project supervision
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Mentorship in futuristic equipment creation
  • Digitization into fashion accessories
  • Organization of phygital exhibitions
  • Social media challenges
  • Outfits for 2150



︎Part 1:  Trip of  Gujan-Mestras

Collect marine waste

︎Part 2:  Production
Mentor students in creating futuristic equipment from marine waste


︎Part 3:  Digital set

Assist in their transformation into virtual fashion accessories & social media filters


︎Part 4:  Exhibition

Organize phygital exhibitions and launch social media challenges to promote virtual try-ons of outfits from the year 2150.

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