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Client: UN PUNK, 03”space
Role: Creative Director, Product Designer, Event Coordinator

F.F Party 

Future Friends Party - Product launch event

Team Detail:

Art Direction: Huang Ziwen, heavyherbe Fang
Graphic designer: Huang Ziwen
Research & Support: heavyherbe Fang
Video director: HOS studio
Event planner: Un punk, 03”space, whinmin
Dj: Groovemiki

Collaborated with local venues and brands to orchestrate a product launch event for a local fashion brand. Curated live workshops featuring musicians and artists to create an engaging and interactive atmosphere. Organized a multi-week design festival involving local design groups, artists, and companies, which included activities such as creative markets, night markets, conferences, and talks. This event series significantly boosted community engagement and enhanced the brand's visibility.

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#Digital #ConceptualVisualResearch  

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