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2021 - 2022
︎Art Direction | Brand&Identity | Product Design | Set Design | Interactive Multimedia

Client: Reemoor Fashion (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Role: Creative Director, Product Designer, Interactif Designer

ReeMoor Brand Revitalization 

Jade Space Project & Chengqiansui Art Project

Team Detail:

Art Direction: ISN’T STUDIO (Daqiang Liu, heavyherbe Fang ), DAJIN STUDIO
Product & Research: heavyherbe Fang
Brand & Graphic Design: DAJIN Studio
Set Design: ISN’T STUDIO, DAJIN Studio
3D & Multimedia: DAJIN Studio, ISN’T STUDIO

The Jade Space Project and Chengqiansui Art Project are part of Remore Fashion's (Shenzhen) brand revitalization for their footwear line. Collaborated with Dajin Studio and Isn'tstudio, the Jade Space Project focuses on themes of "Jade" and "Phoenix Rebirth," while the Chengqiansui Art Project revolves around Wei Zhuang's Chang'an Qingming poem, the legend of the Chenghuang beast, and the Five Elements concept. Developed deep brand concepts, mission, philosophy, and style. Created a new visual identity and merchandise, partnering with traditional artisans. Redesigned flagship stores in Shenzhen and Shanghai to feature exhibition-style displays, motion capture, and interactive media. Planned subsequent product launches and workshops, outlining the brand's future development and vision.

#BrandRevitalization #Artisans
#SetDesign #ProductLaunch
#InteractiveDesign #Multimedia
#CulturalNarrative #JadePhonixRebirth


︎Brand Research & Inspiration : Jade Space Project

Culture, definition, propositions...

Ideation & Design

︎3D Proposition

Hi-fi 3d Store review

︎Research & Proposition: Chengqiansui Art Project

Product research, brand research, Feng Shui research, interactive video, identity, 3d proposition, set design proposition, materials comparer & proposition...

︎Brand Story Animation :

In-store display animation of Cheng Qiansui - Brand story


︎Final & Store Event :

Event, demostration, presentation...

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