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︎Artist-in-Residency | Case Study | Web Development | UI&UX | LARP Game | Exhibition

Institution: Le Pavillon* | Musée Mer Marine
Role: Artist, Creative Director, Product Desinger, Web Developer, Illustrator

Vie en 2150

*The Pavilion is a creation and research residency created by Ange Leccia at the Palais de Tokyo in 2001. It has been located at the EBABX School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux since 2017.

The "Cavernes cosmogoniques" exhibition concludes the Pavilion-papillon program, held at EBABX from 2017 to 2023, with two exhibitions: "after" at the Sea and Marine Museum and "before" at the Aquitaine Museum. From May 4, 2023, to January 7, 2024, the exhibition at the Sea and Marine Museum by Fang Dong and Camille Benbournane explores the future in 2150, focusing on climate emergency issues like global warming and marine pollution.

The project, titled "LIFE IN 2150," combines artistic installations made of beeswax, ceramics, and marine plastic waste with interactive QR codes, creating a multisensory experience that blends scientific data and science fiction. Visitors engage in a game scenario involving cryptography, real-time role-playing, and web design, prompting reflections on our environmental impact. The exhibition invites contemplation of our relationship with the planet through diverse materials, uniting them with beeswax, and questioning our place in a changing world.

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︎Projetct Background

"VIE EN 2150" is an art project created during the Le Pavillon artist residency. It combines online gaming and offline exhibitions to showcase and explore environmental research findings. Set in the year 2150, the project addresses themes such as climate change, ocean acidification, and pollution, blending science fiction elements with current environmental issues. Players engage in a narrative-driven game that incorporates science fiction, real-time role-playing, cryptography, and environmental themes.


Before designing and developing the "VIE EN 2150" project, extensive background research was conducted to ensure content authenticity and depth of artistic expression:

︎ Environmental Science Research:

Analyzed the latest data and research on climate change, ocean acidification, and land salinization to ensure the game’s narrative is based on scientific facts.

︎ Science Fiction Literature Analysis:

Studied several classic science fiction novels to explore future world possibilities, enriching the game's narrative background.

︎ Art Installation Research:

Investigated the latest trends in environmental and interactive art to ensure the exhibition installations are innovative and engaging.


︎Information Architecture

︎ Project Goals

︎ Educational Purpose:

Raise awareness about environmental issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, and pollution.

︎ Engagement:

Foster cooperative problem-solving and critical thinking among players.

︎ Artistic Expression:

Present environmental research through the medium of online games and exhibitions.

︎ Participation:

Create an engaging and thought-provoking user experience.

︎ Interdisciplinary Integration:

Combine digital art, environmental science, and interactive storytelling.

︎ Artistic Integration:

Seamlessly integrate artistic installations into the gameplay.

︎ Modularity:

Ensure the game can be divided into modular components for ease of development and scalability.

︎ Quick Sketch



The "VIE EN 2150" project aims to raise awareness and provoke reflection on environmental issues through immersive gaming experiences and art installations. By blending futurism with realism, the project presents pressing environmental realities in a science fiction format. Through interaction and cooperation, audiences experience the beauty of art while learning about environmental science, gaining inspiration through entertainment.

︎Game Description - Wireframes & component


The story takes place in the semi-submerged city of MDAO in 2150, affected by global warming and environmental degradation.

︎Core Themes:

Climate crisis, environmental science, and the fusion of the natural and digital worlds.

︎Game Structure:

The game is divided into 5 parts:

  • Vie en 2150 Avant Propos,
  • Part 1: Message from the Missing Scientist,
  • Part 2: Everything is Connected,
  • Part 3: Confessions and Concealments,
  • Part 4: The Truth Within Reach

︎Vie en 2150 Story

In 2150, due to global warming, intensified glacier melting causes a constant rise in sea levels, frequent flooding, and many cities are already submerged.

The city of MDAO was once located in a bay area, surrounded by the ocean and steep mountains. With the city constantly sinking, rising groundwater levels and softening soil, buildings and infrastructure are often flooded and damaged, and many places have fallen into a state of disrepair and desolation.

The city's inhabitants are forced to live and work in water. This semi-terrestrial, semi-aquatic living environment threatens their health, as the quality of water and air is severely polluted. They are compelled to use filters combining algae fibers and bacterial algae chips, protective suits, and accessories to obtain fresh air and provisions.

Although the government and businesses continue to implement various measures to address the situation, such as developing farmland irrigated by seawater, floating farms, mobile residential areas adjustable to water levels, diversifying transportation methods (land, sea, and air) to reduce ground pressure, using brainwashing-style advertisement systems to disseminate environmental protection information, and efficient waste treatment and energy production systems, most of these measures are ineffective and even cause additional problems.

Recently, the city of MDAO has experienced several strange incidents: many buildings near the maritime zones collapse and sink at an increasingly rapid rate, sewer systems are blocked, and the base water level continuously rises, with marine pollution indicators becoming alarmingly high...

An anonymous letter was separately sent to the MDAO-IA security and investigation departments and MDAO-BI. MDAO-IA is an agency responsible for providing national security information; MDAO-BI is an investigation bureau tasked with policing and intelligence functions, protecting the nation against terrorism, cyber-attacks, foreign intelligence, and espionage activities.

The letter reveals that a marine terrorist attack caused by a new strain of algae bacteria is imminent, potentially leading to the city's complete submersion and devastating marine pollution...

Clic to view the 360 ARVR panorama.︎︎︎
Vie en 2150 city

︎Game Mechanics:


Players choose one of four characters – data scientist HOR, ecologist CEM, urban architect ELO, and journalist JIN.


Players decode information to solve puzzles and advance the story.


Players must collaborate and share essential information to solve the game’s puzzles.

︎Part 1: Message from the Missing Scientist
*Additional Instagram filter game assistant

"The missing scientist AZI has sent you a message containing a mythical narrative about a city submerged under the sea. The city's name is obscured by stains and is unreadable. You must guess the city's name with the help of other characters."


  • In this chapter, each character must first understand their own backstory.
  • Each character should then read only their part aloud.
  • When others share their information, take simple notes.
  • During the clues phase, reveal only necessary clues and your special clues.
  • Follow the order of the three stages in this round.
  • Speaking order: *HCEJ
  • A: AZI, H: HOR, C: CEM, E: ELO, J: JIN

(︎Role character, Relationship map, Code card, Message letter︎)

︎Part 2: Everything is Connected
*Additional game assistant webpage seahotqingdao

"In the last episode, the clues left by the missing scientist AZI, NpYl, correspond to the number of an e-book titled "Qingdao SEA HOT," which describes phenomena in Qingdao during the hottest seasons. Before disappearing, AZI placed some clues in this book, and each character must consult the book's content and search for differences in the clues."


  • First, understand your backstory in this chapter.
  • Then, consult the book "Qingdao SEA HOT."
  • With the clues provided by A, compare the left and right images to find the differences.
  • Enter the number of differences to obtain clues for the special tool.
  • Inform other characters of the necessary clues you need to reveal in this stage.
  • Share only necessary clues and your exclusive clues.
  • Take simple notes when other characters share their information.
  • This round consists of three stages, follow them in order.
  • Speaking order: *HCEJ
  • A: AZI, H: HOR, C: CEM, E: ELO, J: JIN

(︎Role character, Relationship map, Clue card, Result card︎)

︎Game Clues : Qingdao SEA HOT

Swipe left or right to view the website.︎︎︎

︎Part 3: Confessions and Concealments

"You are getting closer to the 'truth,' and all the pieces are coming together like a puzzle. In this round, you need to reorganize the information obtained in the previous rounds, ask questions, and gather all the clues."


  • In this round, first understand the backstory and conceal your true identity.Then, think about the characters you suspect.
  • Assemble the puzzle to obtain new clues.Reveal only the clues that must be disclosed, listen to others' confessions, and take notes.
  • Reflect on the final question, then all characters discuss.You can ask each character only two questions. 
  • The question round goes through three stages to move to the next step.The recommended time is a maximum of 15 minutes.Note the information of each character. 
  • Follow the three-stage order.Speaking order: *HCEJA: AZI, H: HOR, C: CEM, E: ELO, J: JIN

(︎Role character, Relationship map, Puzzle card, Part of puzzle︎)

︎Part 4: The Truth Within Reach

"Congratulations on reaching this 'final round.' You've likely gone through intense brainstorming, and your mind may be filled with complex and intertwined information about character relationships. Now, follow your intuition and feelings to discover the 'truths' together."

  • Who is related to the disappearance of informant X?
  • What are the true identities of all characters? (H, E, C, J, A, informant)
  • Who is related to the disappearance of A? The disappearance of informant X?
  • What is related to the recent strange events in the city? Who is the mastermind behind the marine terrorist attack caused by new algae bacteria, leading to the city's complete collapse?
  • What actually happened?


  • In this "final round," everyone votes to elect the character they think is responsible, then consults the ending card corresponding to that character.
  • Before voting, each character can ask one last question.
  • After voting, click "ready" to enter the truth chapter. Then, click on the role chosen by the vote and consult the truth.
  • Speaking order: *HCEJ

(︎Role character, Relationship map, Clue card, Result card︎)

Clic to view the 360 ARVR panorama.︎︎︎

︎ Key Features

1. Narrative-Driven Game:

The story is divided into four chapters, each exploring different environmental themes.

2. QR Code Interaction:

Scanning QR codes in the exhibition unlocks new game content and clues.

3. Real-Time Collaboration:

Players share information to solve puzzles together.

4. Immersive Environment:

The exhibition enhances the narrative experience using materials such as beeswax, ceramics, fabrics, and marine plastic waste.

︎ Principles

1. User-Centered Design:

Ensure the game and exhibition are user-friendly and engaging.

2. Immersive Experience:

Create a seamless connection between the online game and physical exhibition.

3. Accessibility:

Design the game and exhibition to be accessible to a broad audience.

4. Interactivity:

Encourage active participation and collaboration from players and visitors.

︎Offline Integration:

The exhibition includes QR codes linked to game chapters and clues, using LEGO structures as interactive elements.




︎Conclusion and Reflection

"VIE EN 2150" begins in a future that seems distant and inaccessible, much like the concept of the "future" itself—abstract, fictional, yet grounded in reality. The story of "VIE EN 2150" is reminiscent of many science fiction novels, relying on science and technology to envision a possible future world while drawing inspiration from past history and current social conditions. The game's narrative revolves around pressing environmental issues such as global warming, ocean acidification, soil salinization, algae proliferation (eutrophication), and the submersion of cities. It integrates cryptographic methods for encoding and decoding information, real-time role-playing, and web structure.

This project, developed in collaboration with artist Camille Benbournane, explores coastal territories, seaside resorts, the environment, and the ocean through artistic installations made from bee wax, ceramics, fabrics, and marine plastic waste. By combining these elements, the project aims to blur the lines between fiction and reality, allowing players to experience a world where environmental challenges are both a narrative and an interactive reality.


"VIE EN 2150" offers a unique convergence of art, science, and technology, creating an immersive experience that both entertains and educates. Set against a backdrop of speculative fiction, the game uses the framework of a dystopian future to highlight the very real and urgent environmental issues we face today. Through the medium of an interactive web game and physical exhibition, the project succeeds in making complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging to a broad audience.

The integration of cryptographic elements and real-time role-playing encourages players to delve deeply into the narrative, fostering a sense of collaboration and critical thinking. By requiring players to work together to decode information and solve puzzles, the game mirrors the collective effort needed to address global environmental challenges.

Camille Benbournane's artistic contributions further enrich the experience, grounding the speculative narrative in tangible, sensory reality. Her installations, made from natural and recycled materials, serve as a poignant reminder of the tangible impact of human activities on the environment.

Reflecting on the project, it becomes clear that "VIE EN 2150" is more than just a game or an exhibition—it's a call to action. By engaging participants in a fictional yet plausible future, it challenges them to consider the long-term consequences of their actions and inspires them to think critically about the steps needed to protect our planet. This project highlights the power of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing global issues, demonstrating that through creativity and collaboration, we can inspire change and envision a more sustainable future.

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